Custom states–revisited

It still works. I had a question today about custom states. We are still using four custom states and they are configured with the combination of registry settings and the presence XML file.


2 registry keys are needed.

1. CustomStateURL (Reg_SZ) file:///c:/windows/presence.xml

2. EnableSIPHighSecurityMode (Reg_DWORD) 0

Then you create the XML File such as this one:

    <customState ID="1" availability="online">
        <activity LCID="1033">Out and about - use mobile</activity>
    <customState ID="2" availability="Busy">
        <activity LCID="1033">at Starbucks</activity>
    <customState ID="3" availability="busy">
        <activity LCID="1033">at lunch</activity>
    <customState ID="4" availability="do-not-disturb">
        <activity LCID="1033">Executive Briefing with Customer</activity>


Logout and exit the Lync client and restart. You should see the custom states. Smile