Tanjay (LG-Nortel IP8540 or Polycom CX700) phone and other end user questions

These questions came from a school district in California replacing their entire legacy voicemail and PBX system with 2,000+ seats of OCS 2007 R2 voice. They are in pilot phase right now.


LG-Nortel IP8540 or Polycom CX700 (Tanjay) questions:

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Can you dial 911 with a locked Tanjay phone? – Yes, you can dial any number you just can’t see contacts on the LCD.


Do you have to log in every morning with password and AD account? – No, your AD credentials and password should be cached and you can use the biometric reader to login. You will only have to enter a new password when it expires or is changed. You can also use the USB option and, new with R2, the phone will unlock when you login into the R2 Communicator client.


Can you control the Tanjay phone with the R2 Communicator softphone features (RCC)? – Yes, only via the USB connection however. You can click to call from Communicator or Outlook, answer toast pops from PC and have Tanjay pick up the call, add more parties to the call via Communicator client, etc., You can also log into Communicator client to unlock the phone (no pin or biometic needed).


Check the check box above inside of the Communicator client to have remote call control of the Tanjay.


Here is a summary of pairing the Tanjay with Communicator/Conferencing with OCS R2:



What version of Tanjay should we have to work with R2?

There is an updated Tanjay R2 version required to work properly: VERSION:  3.5.6907 (1.23)


Another other Tanjay fixes I should know about?:

You need to make you are deploying the latest OCS R2 communicator client VERSION 6907.34 (updated June 2009): – This update has some Tanjay fixes in them. Grab it here.



Can I ring more than one phone at once such as my whole department

Yes, with Team Ring feature in new in R2.  You can ring up to 10 phones at the same time when your phone is called.

To enable:

Click ‘Phone’ icon in Communicator, then ‘Call Forwarding settings’. Select ‘Ring me and my team-call group’. Add in the numbers on your team you want to ring.




How do you setup calls for my administrative assistant?

The Call Delegation feature in R2 is for delegating your calls to administrative assistants, receptionists, etc. They will require the use of R2 Communicator Attendant to manage your calls, contacts, transfers, etc.

To enable Call Delegation:

Click Phone icon in Communicator, then Call Forwarding settings. Select ‘Ring me and my delegates’ drop down. Specify the delegates to ring.



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