Neeti Gupta And Her Role At Microsoft

My name
is Neeti Gupta and I am a Senior Product Manager, Unified Communications
(Exchange and Office Communications Server) Audience Marketing at Microsoft.

I am
very excited to participate in the BIEB blog and write about Microsoft
communications products that I use every day at work and at home. Let me tell
you a little bit about myself.

journey at Redmond campus started 5 years back when I came to Microsoft
Research (MSR) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). At MIT, I
focused on social and technological aspect of wireless
see this paper). At Microsoft, I started
as a MSR intern working on field deployment of AURA system. After my internship, I
moved to Windows Mobile user experience team and helped ship various versions
of the product. Then, I made the transition to product management from user
experience and started applying my understanding of customer
needs, market environments, social and technological trends to Unified
Communications product line.

My first challenge at the Unified Communications group
was to lead research to understand how IT organizational change can help drive
success with Unified Communications. The result of this effort was a whitepaper which
has become a must read for any IT organization that is preparing their teams
for Unified Communications. Amongst other things that I gleaned from this
research, it became clear to me that IT, helpdesk and trainers in customer
organizations need assistance on how to help their end users better utilize
communication tools. Last year, I collaborated with Microsoft user assistance
team on UC Adoption and Training Kit (download it from here or browse online). Both these efforts have
been very well received by customers and partners alike as these projects push
technical teams to tackle the social aspect of Unified Communication

I am responsible for the following Microsoft websites and these are great links
for you to keep up-to-date on our products, so don't forget to add them to your

say that a picture is worth a thousand words - here is a video introduction and a
little demonstration about communicator integration with Office 2010. Also,
stay in touch by reading my product tips and tricks through OC blog.