Introduction to Deep Learning- Bianca Furtuna


Bianca Furtuna

Bianca Furtuna is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, currently focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. As a Technical Evangelist, Bianca is engaging with technical audiences across the UK delivering presentations, workshops and technical advice. She is also working with various organisations to help them improve or architect their cloud solutions and support them in implementing Machine Learning and analytics services.

So if your interested in understanding

How is the future going to look like?

When are we going to reach true Artificial Intelligence?

Is the Singularity going to happen?

There is a lot of talk today about AI and what does it mean for the human society. Let's forget about the future for an hour and focus on what is possible today. We are going to look at the most promising area in AI research, Deep Learning and understand how it fits in the wider picture of Machine Learning. Be prepared for some maths, loads of graphs and deep learning in action.

Watch the following Video from Skills Matter on a Introduction to Deep Learning.