Kinect SDK Beta 2 Release


Today is a very special day, the Kinect device has turn 1 and we have released beta2 of the Windows SDK for Kinect along with a new web site and branding see

Microsoft built Kinect to revolutionize the way you play games and how you experience entertainment. But along the way, people started using Kinect in ways we never imagined. From helping children with autism, to helping doctors in the operating room, people are taking Kinect beyond games. And that’s what we call the Kinect Effect. h

So whether you’re educating students, exploring new research, or redefining what’s possible when humans and computers interact, you can create something amazing with Kinect for Windows. The Kinect for Windows SDK Beta 2 is now available for download 

Watch the following video from Microsoft Channel 9 where Rob Relyea give a refresher on what the Kinect SDK can do, and what's new for Beta 2. There are a number of under-the-hood improvements including faster and more accurate skeletal tracking, support for x64, and support for multi-core machines and support for Windows 8. Microsoft have also added a new StatusChanged event to know when a Kinect has been connected, disconnected, or doesn't have enough power, as well as new APIs to better manage using multiple Kinects.