Play a part in something special – help the attempt to secure a Guinness World Record and have some fun whilst doing it


Date for your diary: from 7pm GMT, Friday, March 14th

Game studio Illyriad, powered by Windows Azure, are mounting an attempt on the existing Guinness World Record for the Largest Videogame Player vs Player (PvP) Battle on Friday March 14th.  The attempt will be part of the public Alpha test of their exciting new space based resource and battle game, Age of Ascent.

A new class of online gaming…

Illyriad are harnessing the power of Windows Azure to deliver a visual and immersive gaming experience in your browser.  In doing so they are helping to create a new class of online gaming – the Ultra Massively Multiplayer Online, or Ultra MMO, gaming experience.

James Niesewand, CEO of Illyriad, explains “It’s essentially trying to prove the worth of some of the technology that we are working with, namely WebGL and Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud technology. WebGL allows games to run natively in your browser without downloads, installs, or plugins. That’s how Age of Ascent and the March 14 record breaking attempt will work. You’ll go to the URL, be assigned to a red or blue team, and go.  The single node architecture that MMOs typically use has reached its limit, and that Age of Ascent’s technology has more in common with a Wall Street algorithmic trading company than a traditional gaming company.  Age of Ascent will monitor ship movements in a similar way that these Wall Street trading algorithms monitor commodity price movement in multiple markets in microseconds.”

Play your part in something great….

The attempt on the Guinness World Record is being made jointly by Illyriad and Microsoft.  We need your help in securing it.  All you need to do is go online via any of the modern browsers (IE11, Google Chrome, Firefox etc) and play your part in making some gaming history!  You do not need to download anything, register for anything or install anything.  Friction free gaming!

Seeing is believing!

To get a taste of what to expect from the heart-pounding gameplay, visit: to view the latest in-game footage

Please join us online at 7pm GMT on Friday, March 14th you will not only be part of the of the record attempt but also take part in one of the biggest MMO sandboxes and help create a new class of online gaming.

What next?

Step One: Visit now and bookmark the page

Step Two: Join us at 7pm GMT on March 14th and go to the website

Step Three: Join the Red or Blue team

Step Four: Blow things up!

Step Five: Tweet about it whilst you are playing.  We’d love to see all that you have to say.  Use #ageofascent

Play your part now by Liking the Facebook page, tweeting about your support for the attempt or looking at the You Tube videos