Visual Studio Extensions – So much support from the community Haskell, Java, MarkDown, Latex and much more..

Today we are proud to announce that all 7000+ Visual Studio extensions have been migrated from the Visual Studio Gallery to the Marketplace, finally making us the one stop for all extensions of the Visual Studio Product Family. Starting today users can browse, search, filter, rate, review and download extensions right from the Marketplace.

Check out

So Fancy adding Haskell Support to Visual Studio Code for Example


or Java




or Markdown


or Latex


So why not make Visual Studio code your default editor… Or if your if your you need something else why not build your own

Checklist to building extensions

1. Familiarize yourself with an overview of our platform and what's possible with it

a. Team Services extensions overview

b. Visual Studio Code Extension

c. Developer docs and references

2. Learn to build your first extension or check out our full set of Tutorials and Samples

a. Build your first extension

b. Tutorials

c. Samples

3. Familiarize yourself with our RESTful APIs. If you're integrating from a 3rd party app or service, you'll also want to check out our Service Hooks


b. Service Hooks

4. Once your extension is ready, you'll want to package it up, publish it to the marketplace, and we hope you'll share it with the community!

a. Package, publish, and install your extension

b. Package and publish your integration with an external app or service

c. Share your work publicly with the entire community

· Marketplace:

· Publisher Page: