Windows 10 - UWP Community Toolkit


The Windows UWP Community Toolkit, is a new project that enables the developer community to collaborate and contribute new capabilities on top of the SDK.

The toolkit has been designed with these goals in mind:

1. Simplified app development: The toolkit includes new capabilities (helper functions, custom controls and app services) that simplify or demonstrate common developer tasks. Where possible, our goal is to allow app developers to get started with just one line of code.
2. Open-Source: The toolkit (source code, issues and roadmap) will be developed as an open-source project. We welcome contributions from the .NET developer community.
3. Alignment with SDK: The feedback from the community on this project will be reflected in future versions of the Windows SDK for Windows 10.


Designed around simplicity the toolkit allows developers to build UWP applications with ease.

The toolkit includes a whole host of features and the list will continue to be grow monthly.

Here is just a taster of what’s in V1:   


Want to know how all these work?

Download our sample app which demonstrates the features, the code, and XAML required.

The project is open source and one of the key driving forces behind this toolkit is the community.

If have a control in your app and would like to share it with the world then don’t be shy, we’d love for you to contribute!

The GitHub is:

If you have any feature requests please feel free to add an issue on GitHub.


- Repo:

- Doc :

- Sample app :