Microsoft Dynamics CRM Windows 8 Concept Demo

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A couple of months ago I saw a Windows 8 “CRM for Sales” concept demo produced by Reuben Krippner from the CRM product marketing team. Although it was just a standalone UI demo, it provided a good insight into where the CRM product engineering team were going with their planned “Orion” release in Q2 2013.

CRM Orion Concept Demo

Over the last few weeks, we have installed this demo onto the Surface devices of every Microsoft UK employee we could find, and the customer reaction has been amazing. I ran a CRM “compete” event for partners a couple of weeks ago, and I heard some great stories about how sales conversations change when customers actually see the device in action, and how this has accelerated CRM deals.

CRM Orion Concept Demo Opportunity

I have also seen evidence about how the combination of Surface + the CRM “Orion” Concept Demo has had an impact. For example, one of my CRM customers (the business banking division of a major UK bank) told us this is exactly what their business managers need and, prior to seeing this, they were going to place an order for an alternative (non-windows) tablet device.

CRM Orion Concept Demo Opportunity Phone Call

There has been one drawback. For legal reasons, Reuben was unable to release the concept demo outside of Microsoft. This was a real shame since this is exactly the sort of thing that our partners should have in their sales “Armoury”. The good news is that those legal issues have been overcome, and you can now get hold of the app via Microsoft PartnerSource.

If you have access to PartnerSource, you can download the app, and a demo script here -

There are a few caveats you should be aware of when showing this concept demo to customers:

  1. This is NOT to be positioned as shipping product.
  2. It showcases the types of experiences we are looking to ship, but includes concepts that may or may not ship in the “Orion” release.
  3. It is a concept of a Dynamics CRM sales app on Windows 8 which must NOT be distributed to customers.
  4. This is ONE of many experiences we’ll release in future – others include the “Polaris” December 2012 Service Update and Outlook 2013.  Customers don’t have to use Windows 8 to run future Dynamics CRM releases.
  5. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM “Orion” release timeframe is mid-CY 2013.

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