Why Won’t CRM 2011 Charts Display?

A Little Fall Of Rain..

This issue cropped up a couple of times in the last month, so I figured it was worth a quick post to help out anyone else who might come across it. No matter what we tried, we couldn’t get CRM charts to display on any PC at a particular customer, but they would display fine on my machine.

CRM 2011 Charts Won't Display

After playing around with a variety of Internet Explorer settings with no luck, I had a look through the customer’s Group Policy settings for Internet Explorer to see if there were any locked-down settings that would have an adverse affect. As luck would have it, I found the setting “Turn off Data URI Support” was enabled.

Group Policy Settings For IE

Data URIs allow web applications to encapsulate images within the body of the web page and optionally encode them using base 64 encoding, and this is exactly the mechanism used by Microsoft Dynamics CRM when displaying charts. Once this group policy setting was disabled, and all the PCs refreshed by running the GPUPDATE /Force command, everything started to work as expected.

CRM 2011 Charts Display Correctly

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