The Winner takes it all

Dominic Green was a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) in 2008 and went on to compete with teammate Ben Nunney in the Imagine Cup 2008 competition. They made it to the UK Finals and had an amazing time filled with numerous exciting opportunities and trips away. Both Ben and Dominic now work at Microsoft after graduating. Hear what Dominic has to say for himself:

“Competing in the Imagine Cup has been one of the most exciting, valuable and, rewarding experiences for me. It has allowed me to meet many great people ranging from Microsoft employee’s, industry experts and especially the other competitors from all around the world, many of which I now see as my close friends.

Having competed in the IC during my final year of university it gave me a lot of different subjects that I could discuss with prospective employees, such as working in a team, displaying commitment and drive, activities outside university, and above all my passion for technology.

The Imagine Cup is something that I would strongly recommend to absolutely everyone”

We also have the Winners Video from the 2008 worldwide finals for you to see firsthand how incredible the Imagine Cup is and how exciting it is to be a part of it.