Which Imagine Cup Category is for you?

Imagine Cup competition is made up of 9 different competitions split across 3 different categories. This year’s theme is around trying to save the world’s largest problems using technology; the challenges that are trying to be solved are focused around the 8 UN Millennium goals. With the main focus of theme ‘Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today’

Here is a brief intro into each of the nine different competitions available in the imagine cup.


A single image can change the world and provide insight. In this challenge students must create a story using an essay of inspiring pictures that shows the students insights into world issues. A passion for photography is all you need, you don’t need to be a photography expert to enter. Develop your vision and enter in this year’s Imagine Cup- who knows you may be the next Annie Leibovitz or David Bailey

Software Design:

This category is one of the most popular and combines desktop, mobile experiences and web services, to create real world software plus services solutions using Microsoft tools and technologies. This is computer sciences lovers chance to shine and have an amazing time in the process!

Embedded Development:

The object of the embedded challenge is to unleash student’s creativity. Developing their own embedded device whose function it is to better us all. Working in both hardware and software students will use Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 and the provided embedded platform

Game Development:

The object of the Game Development Invitational is to create a new game that uses both Microsoft's XNA Game Studio 3.0 and Visual Studio. Competitors' games should illustrate the Imagine Cup theme. This is a great invitational for those with a passion for games or those wanting to enter the gaming industry. Many of you will know how competitive the gaming industry today is, so why not create your own edge and show the world exactly what you have to offer?

Robotics and Algorithms:

No longer are robots just gears and wires, they have become a complex combination of both hardware and software –and require highly sophisticated algorithms in order to operate. Students must navigate a series of brain teasers, coding challenges and mathematical problems in order to demonstrate their ability to understand the potential of robots in our world.

IT Challenge:

You are challenged to develop, deploy and maintain IT systems that are functional, robust, secure while also elegant in their design. This challenges the students knowledge of a wide variety of IT systems and computing tools spread across servers, databases and network systems.


In the increasing world of Web 2.0, students are challenged to create a new and useful Web 2.0 application using the imagine cup theme. Students will use Microsoft Popfly to bring together various data sources and combine them to create a new tool that can be leveraged by other internet users.

Short Film:

Everyone loves to go to the movies but there are those that also love to make movies. Combining the art of storytelling and the technical craft of filmmaking, the object of this challenge is to convey the theme of the imagine cup in only a brief period of time.


A limiting factor in most instances is the problem of computer human interactions. The object of this challenge is to design a user interface to ease the interaction between computers and humans in an inspiring and unique way.

To register for any of these categories, simply visit the registration page on www.imaginecup.co.uk

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