Special Offer on Visual Studio 2010 Test Manager and Coded UI Training Course

I was attending and speaking at the Connected.Development event in Leeds yesterday, which included an ALM track with a number of great sessions from Martin Woodward, Danny Crone from nFocus and Richard Fennell from Black Marble. All of the slides and videos are going to be made available so I’ll post the links to these once I have them. During the course of the day I discovered that nFocus are currently offering 10% off their Test Manager and Coded UI training courses.

This can be delivered as either a single 2 day course or as separate 1 day courses and on your premises or at nFocus’ training lab.

nFocus have a lot of experience in using these tools and if you’re looking to get a really good grounding in Test Manager and Coded UI tests (the new automated functional testing in Visual Studio 2010) then this would be a great way to get going. Details on the course and how to take advantage of this offer can be found here.