Visual Studio Event in Edinburgh, 8th September

We’re going to run a Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Event in the Microsoft Edinburgh office on the 8th September, taking a walk through as much of the application lifecycle as possible. The agenda is:



The Microsoft developer tools line-up for 2010

Planning, design, application quality and version control

  • Development process support, including Agile planning
  • Office integration
  • Architecture tooling, including UML modelling
  • Code quality tooling
  • Managing change in the data layer
  • Scalable, robust version control with TFS




Automated builds, testing and reporting

  • Using workflow driven automated builds, including Continuous Integration
  • The new Microsoft Test Manager and automated testing
  • Supporting virtualised test environments with Microsoft Lab Management
  • Gain predictability and visibility using TFS dashboards



Richard and I will be delivering this and it’ll mainly be demonstrations, hence the exact timing will be a little bit flexible Smile but we’ll provide refreshments and lunch at the end. If you fancy coming along then it’s free and all you need to do is email or complete the event registration form.