...And another one - a Stocks widget

Here is another attempt at a widget that I put togther in couple of hours last night - this lets you search for Stock quotes. This is fun stuff and easy to do - expect coolers ones from the many talented designers out there once WinFX and Expression Interactive Designer ship!

Two things to note: The OS that the application is being run on is not Windows Vista, it is the Feb. CTP of WinFX on Windows XP - I simply faked out the chrome for the window to look like the Aero glass one. Also, the text box behaves like the ones made popular by AJAX - it shows you a red highlight if the stock symbol that you entered is invalid by querying the Windows Live stock quotes service. If valid, it will show you the name of the company and a green highlight for the text box.

Feel free to download the source, and improve at will (excluding the content) from here. The code and design quality could have been a lot better, but I always run out of time at that point :).