Go Green and Clean with Apps this Spring

 After a winter that included everything from dire droughts to a polar vortex, many of us can hardly wait for the sights and sounds of Spring. Now is a great time to start planning for the onset of warmer weather and longer days.

If you happen to live in one of the colder states, it’s time to put away the shovels and pull out the rakes. Get your yard in order with one of these great gardening apps, available on the Windows Store.

Spring is also the perfect opportunity to clear out all the inside clutter. If it’s been a while since you saw the top of your dining room table, sign up for paperless billing options or utilize a service that allows you to stop receiving junk mail. Clean out your closet and make a donation to one of your favorite charities or sell gently used items with the eBay app.

With the end of the school year fast approaching, it can be difficult to keep track of schedules. Try the Fingertapps Organizer app, which makes it easy for family members to share all of their upcoming activities and plans so they can spend more quality time together. You can also use the app to leave sticky note reminders for important tasks or your springtime honey-do list.

If you’ve been craving the tastes of spring, clean off the grill and serve up a new recipe for leg of lamb or baby back ribs with the Big Oven app. In need of a side dish? Plant a garden. You’ll have fresh peas and crisp salad greens in no time.

For those who aren’t patient enough to wait for a warm up, use OneNote to plan a road trip to a more temperate climate – after you’ve finished cleaning, of course.

To get information on these apps and more to welcome spring, click here.