Deprecating some predefined Unified Service Desk themes

We’ll be deprecating the following predefined themes in the next release of Unified Service Desk:

  • Blue theme
  • Style theme

For information about these themes, see Predefined Themes available in Unified Service Desk.

Deprecating these themes implies that we intend to remove these themes in a future "major" release of Unified Service Desk. Until the themes are officially removed, they will continue to work. After removal, you won’t find these themes in the Unified Service Desk client.

By announcing the deprecation now, we are notifying you so that you have sufficient time to plan and update your configuration if you rely on these themes.

After these themes are removed in a future “major” release of Unified Service Desk, we will provide these themes (XAML files) in the User Interface Integration (UII) SDK under the “UII\USD Developer Assets” folder. You can configure your Unified Service using these XAML files to configure the themes, if required. For information about configuring themes in Unified Service Desk, see Customize themes in Unified Service Desk.