Laptops doubling as LCD TVs and HD DVD players

This makes perfect sense to me. Intel has unveiled a new laptop concept machine where the machines folds to allow the screen to face away from the keyboard so it can be used as an LCD TV in a docking station. Given the quality of modern laptop displays why (other than needing a larger screen size) would you buy a separate LCD TV and laptop when one device can easily perform both functions? More details at

Meanwhile, not wanting to be outdone, Toshiba has announced the world's first high definition DVD equipped laptop, the bizarrely named Qosmio G30. The new machine will initially only be on sale in Japan with rollout in other markets expected sometime in the future. Of course, the success of this device will hinge on who wins the HD DVD vs Blu-Ray war. If HD DVD comes out on top, Toshiba could have scored a big win by being first to market with their latest laptop offering. More at

Now all we need is some easy means to turn the Quasimodo G30 (oops, I mean the Qosmio G30) into an LCD TV, and that fancy new TV and DVD system I've just bought for the lounge will be completely obsolete. Oh joy...