The Official Windows Vista Preview Magazine

Phew! I'm delighted to report that the Windows Vista Preview magazine (an official joint venture between Microsoft and Future Publishing) is now on sale in the UK in all good* newsagents. Get your copy now for the paltry sum of £4.99. The Preview Magazine is a one-off special edition that shows off many of the new features of Windows Vista. There's also an DVD with demo screens of Windows Vista. You can find out more at the editorial team's blog at When Windows Vista launches in a few weeks, Future will also launch their magazine proper.

We've been working closely with Future Publishing to bring this new magazine to market. I hope you like it. It's designed to appeal to people of all technical abilities, but especially those who are starting out or just want to get more out of their PC. Let me know what you think!

* If your newsagent is not "good" then tell them how important it is for your future happiness that they stock the magazine when it goes on sale when Windows Vista is launched ;-) In the meantime try a larger newsagent like WHSmith or the magazine racks in your local supermarket.