Windows Live Local - now even better

The New Shiny Windows Live Local

My regular reader will know how much of a fan I have become of Windows Live Local. While Google Earth was very quick out of the blocks in 2004 after they acquired Keyhole Corp, it's now looking a bit creaky in comparison to the much improved, if absurdly named, Windows Live Local. The thing I love most about Windows Live Local is that it just works from your browser: no giant application to install and no update patches to apply. And it just keeps getting better as this latest post on the team's blog reveals.

In the 4th major release they've added people search, the ability to draw over custom maps, send details by text to your mobile phone and even more Bird's Eye imagery. Some of this only works in the US for now but it's only a matter of time before this advanced functionality is extended to other geographies. Go have a play.