You Need to Get Out More

It's Friday. And Steve Clayton writes today about how his Out of Office message has taken on a personality all of its own. Mine has too. We all get so many "OOFs" that the very least you can do is inject a little life into your own message. In the spirit of sharing, my most recent OOF is below. I received several blank emails from people just wanting to read my OOF. Weirdos. Some people really should get our more often ;-)

Hot diggety dog! I'm now out of the office until 14th August sheltering under a brolly at the Great British Seaside. I'll do my best not to check emails on my Windows Mobile Pocket PC but I cannot promise I won't have the occasional lapse. You'll have to wait until I'm back to join my wife in telling me I shouldn't read work emails while on holiday.

Who else might be able to help? LK's my right hand woman (email her at [email removed] ) and for all other queries "The Other Superwoman" NT ( [email removed] ) is a goldmine of information. Bill Gates ( ) probably also knows the answer to your question but he sometimes gets a bit busy so is unlikely to reply before I'm back.

BLATANT BLOG PLUG: Are you struggling to cope with multiple out of office replies? Enjoy one of my blog tips with my compliments! Get it here.

Warning: This Out Of Office message may contain nuts.

What will your next OOF say about you?