DO YOU TEACH MINECRAFT? Want to collaborate with us?

Teachers, School Staff, Curriculum Providers, Home School Staff, and Other Student Trainers,

Do you teach (or help train students on) Minecraft? Do you want to chat with a bunch of Microsoft engineers and employees about it, as well as teachers who are also teaching Minecraft, all around the world? Do you want to learn from all of us, bounce ideas off of us, and collaborate on new ideas? 

Do you want to find the latest training and resources about Minecraft from Microsoft?

Or are you (as a teacher, staff, curriculum provider, or trainer) using Minecraft in another way? 


Microsoft wants to help you


And we want to do it with real relationships.  Where you can ping us at any time and get what you need. We're always there. You know us by name. Where you know our passions, and we know yours. We are ready to help you.


The only thing missing... is you!


Please join us:



We're here to help you train the next generation of engineers and industry leaders! Microsoft is all in.

   - Ninja Ed