Visual Studio Code - NEW RELEASE: v0.10.5 - New Insider's Channel + 32 New Features/Updates!!!

We have a new December release!

First, the Visual Studio Code team would like to thank you with a personal note and information about closing bugs on GitHub. Please read that here:


Next, let's look at the new Insider's Channel feature so you can automatically get the prerelease builds!

Insider's Channel

There is now a setting to subscribe to the Insider's channel to get prerelease VS Code builds automatically. The setting is and it defaults to stable which is the current release build.  Change the value to insiders and restart VS Code to install prerelease builds. For more details, refer to How can I test prerelease versions of VS Code?.

List of the 32 New Features/Updates

*Marked with the asterisk and bolded, in the list below, these items were contributed in part or in whole by you, the community!


Next, here is a list of all 30 new features/updates:

  1. Insider's Channel - Get prerelease builds
  2. *Editor: Find/Replace improvements
  3. Changed defaults & key bindings
  4. *Editor: Cursor Blinking Options
  5. *Editor: Select Current Line Command
  6. *Editor: Scroll Viewport Commands
  7. Key Bindings for Numeric Keypad
  8. Improvements for non US standard keyboard layouts
  9. *ES6 as default for JavaScript files
  10. TypeScript Update to version 1.7.5
  11. JSX Support (on the road to adopting Salsa)
  12. Extension Debugging
  13. *Show Outdated Extensions
  14. Show Installed Extension Issues
  15. Extension Gallery Proxy Support
  16. Extension Deactivation
  17. File Picker improvements & Fuzzy Search
  18. Persisted Zoom Level
  19. window.openFilesInNewWindow
  20. Themes - Tweaks for consistency and missing colors
  21. Emmet support in JSX and TSX files
  22. Scoped Git Services - Open a sub-directory of a Git repository
  23. Git Status Bar Actions - Synchronize and Publish actions
  24. Debug Console Wraps Text
  25. Debug Breakpoints Polish - better visual display of breakpoints
  26. JSON Schema Contributions for extensions
  27. Language Server Extensions - language server protocol supports all available language features
  28. Node.js Debug Adapter Development - VS Code Debug Protocol & adapter default implementation available as npm modules
  29. Engineering Improvements - Integration for branches & pull requests (Travis CI for Linux & OSX, AppVeyor for Windows)
  30. Engineering Improvements - Tuning and documentation on how we do issue tracking and how we use the different feedback channels
  31. Engineering Improvements - Updated Electron to 0.34.5... with bug fix for blurry editor font on Linux
  32. Big Bug Fix - atom/node-oniguruma - Improve performance when colorizing long lines with multi-byte characters


Wow! Special thanks to the community for helping out with improvements! The team has been super busy and is going to take a well-deserved holiday break until January! And the truth is that a lot of the improvements above are actually small buckets with multiple updates in them!

Find the details of each improvement, plus the link to each GitHub pull for the community contributions... all that right here:


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