Visual Studio Team Services - NEW FEATURES: 3 Build Summary Page Improvements (Richer Visualizations, View Passed Test Results, & File Bug on Test Failures)

These feature sets were included in the January update... 

Richer visualizations in the build summary page

Code coverage

You’ll now see a graphical representation of the code coverage charts on the build summary page.

Code coverage charts 

Quality trend chart and test duration trend chart

With this update, we’ve added two new trend charts to the Tests tab on the build summary page. The first chart shows the count of test failures over pass percentage, and the second chart shows test duration over the count of tests.

Test failures and test duration charts on build summary 

Clicking each chart will open up a detailed information view, and you can also add them to your dashboard.

Test failures and test duration on the dashboard 

View passed test results and file bugs in build summary page

One of the top asks that we’ve heard is to view passed test results, in addition to failed tests in the Tests tab on the build summary page. We have added the outcome filter that lets you view passed, failed or all test results. If multiple tests are failing for the same reason, you can now file a single bug for those multiple test failures.


Passed and failed tests together in test results  


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