Internet Explorer Platform Preview 3 Available

Internet Explorer Platform Preview 3 has been released. The Internet Explorer Platform Preview allows developers to test the new Internet Explorer 9 web development and design capabilities including our new JavaScript engine – codename Chakra – as well as our support for standards like HTML5, CSS3, SVG 1.1 and DOM.

You’ll see more performance, same markup, and hardware accelerated HTML5

Developers are sure to be excited by the inclusion of the <AUDIO>, <VIDEO> and <CANVAS> tags from the HTML5 specification with Internet Explorer Platform Preview 3 taking full advantage of the underlying hardware in your PC to render <VIDEO> and <CANVAS> elements.

The Platform Previews remain targeted primarily at web developers and designers

For more details about what’s new in Internet Explorer, see HTML5, Native: Third IE9 Platform Preview Available for Developers.

For demos of the new features, see Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 3: A Look at the New Demos on Channel 9.

Test drive IE 9 at Internet Explorer Platform Preview.

Bruce D. KyleISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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