Security White Paper on Windows Azure Answers Many FAQ

windows-azure-logo-lg A white paper that answers many of the customer frequently asked questions about Windows Azure is now available for download. The white paper provides details on how Windows Azure provides confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data. It also provides detail on how we provide accountability for customers and their agents to track administration of services.

The paper provides a technical examination of the security functionality available from both the customer's and Microsoft operations' perspectives, the people and processes that help make Windows Azure more secure. There is also a brief discussion about compliance.

See Windows Azure Security Overview.

The paper is for developers who write applications and for technical decision makers considering Windows Azure to support new or existing services.

The paper describes:

  • What a typical customer “sees” when approaching Windows Azure.
  • Identity and access management.
  • Isolation: How Azure keeps different data appropriately segregated.
  • Windows Azure's Storage subsystem makes customer data unavailable once delete operations are called.
  • How Azure stores data to insure its integrity.
  • The physical security measures employed.
  • Compliance and certifications.

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Bruce D. KyleISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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