Win an Xbox360 with Kinect by Entering the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket Contest

Would you like to win an Xbox360 with Kinect or an Intel i7 laptop? Enter by creating an innovative cloud app. on the Windows Azure Platform using datasets from the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket and submit the URL to no later than March 31, 2011.

To get more details about the contest please visit this link

What is the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket? DataMarket is a service that provides a single consistent marketplace and delivery channel for high quality information as cloud services. Content partners who collect data can publish it on DataMarket to increase its discoverability and achieve global reach with high availability. Data from databases, image files, reports and real-time feeds is provided in a consistent manner through internet standards. Users can easily discover, explore, subscribe and consume data from both trusted public domains and from premium commercial providers.

If you’re new to the Windows Azure platform, you can get started with the 30 Day Windows Azure platform pass. There’s no cost associated with the offering and you don’t need a credit card.

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