All about USMT 3.0.2

Many of you may have heard (or discovered) that there is a limited release of USMT that is available on the Microsoft Connect site.  Let's take a few minutes here to clear up some of the questions about what it is and isn't.

Things that USMT 3.0.2 is not:

  • A brand new release of USMT with new features
  • A beta of new features

Things that USMT 3.0.2 is:

  • Open to only those who meet specific criteria (based on the results of a required application survey)
  • A limited beta release with a single bug fix from 3.0.1

So, now that we have covered some of the basics, lets move on to the interesting part. What bug is fixed?  USMT 3.0.2 fixes a very rare problem in Loadstate.exe that causes it to crash due to a stack overflow problem. 

When should you try to get USMT 3.0.2?  Only when you suffer from the problem outlined above.  This is a very limited release that is only available to those who meet the release criteria.

How do you get USMT 3.0.2?  You need to visit the connect page and fill out the required survey there.  If you meet the release criteria you should have access just a few days after completing the survey.