February 2013 recommendations

imageEach month, your first-Friday delivery of the U.S. partner newsletter, emailed to you as a benefit of your Microsoft Partner Network membership, contains a list of our recommendations for U.S. SMB partners located in the Central Region. We also use this list to update our Central Region page on the U.S. partner portal.

These recommendations are in the U.S. partner newsletter delivered Friday, February 1. This week’s role-based training recommendations are about the Devices and Deployment competency (formerly the Desktop competency).

  • Join our Central Region Partner Call on February 15 at 10:00 AM Central Time to learn how to get ready for new business deals and opportunities.
  • Save $200 on your all-access pass for WPC 2013 with early-bird registration pricing.
  • Use the training Hot Sheet to plan for in-person training and live webcasts in February.
  • The Office Talk Office Hours series continues—join this interactive session on February 12 for a focus on Word 2013 and on February 26 for a discussion about Microsoft SharePoint 2013.
  • Register for the Competing with VMWare webcast on February 12, as well as the upcoming webcasts in our Windows Server 2012 Samurai series.
  • If you are a partner with a competency, an Action Pack Develop and Design subscription, or are enrolled in Cloud Accelerate, use your partner advisory hours benefit to build your product skills and knowledge, close deals faster, and get expert advice.
  • Take advantage of the many benefits of your Microsoft Partner Network membership.
  • Invite your customers to the next Unleash Your Productivity webcast on February 22.

In-person events: VAR Summit series and Microsoft Cloud Fast-Track Boot Camps

Register for the Central Region VAR Summit series, “The New Office, the Power of Choice,” in February and March, coming to these cities:

February 12 San Antonio, Texas
February 14 Houston, Texas
February 19 New Orleans, Louisiana
February 21 Nashville, Tennessee
March 5 Indianapolis, Indiana
March 13 Chicago, Illinois
March 14 Minneapolis, Minnesota
March 19 Kansas City, Kansas
March 21 St. Louis, Missouri
April 2 Detroit, Michigan
April 4 Cleveland, Ohio
April 9 Downers Grove, Illinois
April 11 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Accelerate your cloud sales by attending a Microsoft Cloud Fast-Track Boot Camp in these cities in February and March:

February 19 Detroit, Michigan
February 19 Omaha, Nebraska
February 20 Nashville, Tennessee
February 20 Des Moines, Iowa
February 21 Minneapolis, Minnesota
March 7 Chicago, Illinois
March 12 Houston, Texas
March 13 Dallas, Texas

You can read all the content delivered in each issue of the U.S. partner newsletter on the U.S. Partner Team blog. The next newsletter will be delivered on Friday, February 15.

imageFind out how to stay informed as a U.S. partner at https://aka.ms/uspstayinformed and how to prepare for the latest product releases at https://aka.ms/usproductlaunch.