Activating your Azure Internal Use Rights benefit

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!

Wanted to make you aware of this recently posted video that covers the steps on how to set up your Azure Internal Use Rights (IUR) benefit. Note that Action Pack subscribers and competency partners earn a US$100 credit per month, per tenant. This allows you to start getting your hands dirty working with Microsoft Azure. You can use it for any of the services. Want to spin up a Virtual Network and a Virtual Machine to get an idea of how it all works? This is a way of doing so with no financial risk. 

Here is the video:

There are a few other resources mentioned in video as well.

First, a resource called Labs on Azure. What is it? Partners are always in need of development, test, and demo systems that can be spun up quickly and accessed from anywhere. In addition, the on-premises capacity, hardware, and IT costs can be a challenge to manage. By leveraging the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and Virtual Machines (VM), partners can save time and money as well as increase IT and consultant efficiencies. If you are an action pack, silver competency, or gold competency partner who receives a monthly Azure credit as part of your Microsoft Partner Network membership, this offering is a great way to maximize your benefits.

Second, a support page resource titled “Sell, Deploy, and Support Microsoft Azure”; this provides assistance around selling, deploying and support for partners who are developing solutions using Microsoft Azure services.

Thanks, and Good Selling!