Cloud Customer Relationship Management Competency coming in March!

J.J. Antequino


So you’re a pro at selling Office 365, and you ain’t too shabby at positioning Microsoft Azure, but are you prepared to build solutions around CRM Online?

Often times, we have partners who say that Office 365 has become a “no-brainer” for small businesses, and with Azure they have the opportunity to move their customers’ infrastructures to the cloud, but they are still searching for something that really differentiates themselves from the pack; something that cannot be easily “duplicated.”

Enter CRM Online.  You have the opportunity to offer your customers customized solutions that help them grow their businesses….

The new Cloud Customer Relationship Management Competency launches before the end of March.

Here are a list of benefits above and beyond the core benefits you receive as MPN competency members:


For more information on requirements that you need to get started, head on over to: