Cloud Now Promotion

Q: (from Jake)

As I push to close business for the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year, are there any promotions in market now that the Big Easy and Cloud Easy have lapsed?



Thanks for your efforts and thanks for asking! “YES” we do have a June 2013 promotion announced Friday of last week and retroactively applies to June 1st running through June 30th:



The Cloud Now Offer!

The Cloud Now Offer is valid from June 1st to June 30th, 2013. The offer includes Microsoft Office 365 Open Midsize Business (both Open and advisor models), Office 365 Small Business Premium, Office 365 Enterprise (Plan E3), and Office 365 Enterprise (Plan E4) SKUs. Please see list of eligible solutions on the Cloud Now site.


About The Cloud Now Offer

The Cloud Now Offer allows US customers who make a qualifying Online Services subscription purchase to earn a partner subsidy. Customers who make a qualifying purchase within the promotion window are sent a check worth a total of 25% of their first year subscription. With the Cloud Now Offer you can help you customers redeem that check through subsequent purchases of Microsoft software, Online Services subscriptions, or your associated services.


Your Call to Action

Alert your customers and close that Cloud business NOW! Go to where they can access the subsidy calculator, list of included Online Services, redemption form, and the complete Offer Terms and Conditions.



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