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If you haven’t seen this yet, Jerry Honeycutt authored the Microsoft Press book Introducing Windows 8 An Overview for IT Professionals .   The book looks great, and you can download the preview of it here

People have said that Windows 8 is a better Windows 7 than Windows 7 itself.  I’ve also heard concerns about the new interface. Yes it’s different, but the new interface is built to not only provide the same capabilities of the Windows 7 interface, but to support the new form factors that are hitting our homes and desktops.  The goal of the new interface is to give you the same interface across all of your devices.  This isn’t a dumbed down interface, but a forward looking experience that provides information when you need it and in the form you need it in!

Back to the book. This book covers some of the new capabilities in Windows 8, like: Client Hyper-V, Windows To Go, the new Windows 8 recovery tools, the secure boot process, and the new Windows Store and certification process.  There is a lot more in this book, but these are the items that stand out to me. 

Check out the Preview of this new book and let us know what you think!

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