Here’s a shout out to Cindy Bates blog and some business focused resources you should explore

By Ron Grattopp ronaldg-001_thumb2_thumb…..Back at the end of October I blogged about the Microsoft Business Hub site.  Hopefully, you were motivated to explore that site and the resources it provides.  If so, you also hopefully noticed that Cindy Bates’ blog is hosted on that site and a link to it is prominently featured on the home page (see upper left below)


We also have Cindy’s blog featured on the Blog Link list on our TS2 blog home page.   BUT, in case you haven’t taken the opportunity to explore her blog up to now, I wanted to give this shout out and highlight a couple of key resources that you will find there. 

First, and foremost, and the main reason for doing this post is to call out the Cloud Computing Guide, titled “Running Your Business in the Cloud” , that she features in her current post, and that was a collaborative effort between Microsoft and American Express OPEN® (cover page shown below).  You can get the link and description from her blog post or see the content outline and use the link below.


But this isn’t just about that.   I also want to highlight a couple of other resources she has blogged about:

I highly encourage you to check out her 11/16/11 post on the Bing Business Portal.  The name pretty much says it all but with Bing really gaining momentum in the search market this should be no-brainer (IMHO) for marketing your company.  Again, you can read a nice overview on this site in Cindy’s blog.


Another area that she hits on that seems to be top-of-mind these days is Disaster Preparedness (DR) even if you haven’t had to experience a flood, tornado, hurricane, fire, earthquake, or other natural disruption that can take down a business’ entire physical operation, including on-site infrastructure, in some cases without any warning.  Cindy’s 11/2/11 post calls out a free e-guide to help your IT develop a plan for this very important aspect of business survival.  And again, Cindy’s blog has a nice overview of this resource so I won’t re-create that here, but the link to it is in the graphic below for your convenience.


Of course, there are many other of her blogs that you may find interesting.  She even blogged about OneNote back in August – btw, if you aren’t using OneNote you are really missing something, and if you don’t use <Windows>-S key combo to do quick screen cuts direct to OneNote (retaining the link to the original material) then you are not maximizing your productivity.  IF you’re a reseller partner, I submit to you that OneNote is the silver bullet for selling/upgrading to Office 2010.  

OK, so that’s my shout out to Cindy.  If you haven’t already discovered these valuable resources from her blog, then I hope this was helpful for you.

Cheers, as always,