Introduction to third-party Office 365 Onboarding Solutions


Michael Kophs
Cloud PTS

You’re a partner that's new to Office 365.  Your customers are starting to ask about it, in fact you have a significant list of existing customers and prospects that you need to move to Office 365 as soon as possible.  What are your options?  You could review the Office 365 Deployment Guide and begin the process of building out your complex Office 365 deployment practice.  A lot of partners have had great success with this approach, however each seasoned Office 365 partner will readily admit that there is a significant learning curve, typically leading to some challenging initial deployments.

For those new O365 partners ready for instant success, there is an exciting new deployment option that you may want to consider.  Third-party Office 365 Onboarding solutions are maturing at a rapid pace as customer demand for Office 365 accelerates.  Office 365 Onboarding solutions are hosted platforms that automate over 90% of the Office 365 deployment process.  Why do I love onboarding solutions?  Because they are 100% channel friendly.  Customers engage partners (you) and partners engage with the onboarding solution.  Below are two onboarding solutions that you may want to consider trying out.  Over the past 6 months I’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive partner feedback on how these tools have helped make their Office 365 practices flourish! 


BitTitan (makers of MigrationWiz) 

I would love to get YOUR feedback on these tools.  Feel free to try them both out and let us know your thoughts?  Simply post a comment below.