IUR (Internal Use Rights) Changes for Microsoft Cloud Partners – Action Required!


Tim Tetrick

In the past, MPN Partners with Cloud Essentials / Cloud Accelerate designation had access to Internal Use Rights for Office 365, CRM Online, Windows Intune, and Azure.  Moving forward, however, only partners with a Microsoft Action Pack Subscription (MAPS) or partners with a Silver or Gold competency will have access to free Internal Use Rights licenses. 

To obtain in-depth information on program benefit levels and benefit changes, please visit the MPN Internal Use Rights page. To understand specific usage guidelines for each product, please visit the Product Usage Guide.

It is important to note that all partners holding current internal-use software licenses available through a cloud program (Cloud Essentials / Cloud Accelerate) must make the transition so that they are in alignment with the new internal-use software license process and entitlements, which are available to Action Pack subscribers or competency partners, prior to June 30, 2014, or your internal-use software licenses will expire.

For example, for these partners to retain their current Office 365 IUR benefits, they will need to obtain and redeem new keys before June 30, 2014.  For specific guidance on the steps that need to be taken for this transition, please see the Online Services Internal Use Rights Transition Guide.

For more detailed information, please see Take advantage of your Office 365 Internal Use Rights.