Microsoft Intune Device Wipe

Q: (from Kevin)

The engineers in my office have been testing EMS thru our MPN subscription. They said it works great on IOS iPhones but on Android it can’t remove the email account. They sent me the following link;

Can you confirm this is a limitation?



That may very well be accurate information regarding the Office 365 wipe capabilities, but the document you sent over struck me as potentially being dated since it did not reference Windows 10. I did a Bing search on “Intune Device Wipe” and came up with the following document dated May 6th of this year (can’t get much fresher):


Much more detailed and very explicit (both good and bad) regarding Android wipe about ½ way down. You may want your engineer to try again, it looks like we’ve improved the email wipe functionality.


SDeming Face  Steve