Microsoft Mechanics – Stay up to date on the latest tech from Microsoft!

Todd Sweetser

Hello Cloud Partners!

Some partners recently mentioned this great education resource and I thought it would be good to share with you all! 

Called Microsoft Mechanics – this video series covers the breadth of the Microsoft technologies including Azure, Office, Server, Surface and more. It is designed for tech enthusiasts and IT professionals (and applicable for our partners as well!) They cover the latest tech from Azure, Office, Windows, and Surface teams in a demo-packed 10-minute format from the engineers and experts. Further, for faster overviews, they also launched 2-3 minute "Demo Bench", capability reviews. So keep informed, subscribe, and join them each Wednesday or as news breaks.

Here are some quick links to specific playlists based on topic:

Azure, Office, Server, Surface, Accessibility

Thanks, and good selling!