Mobile Device Support in the New Office 365


Tim Tetrick

I wanted to take the opportunity to review the great mobile device support that’s included in the new Office 365.  You can access email, calendar, documents, instant messaging, presence, audio, video, and other Office 365 services from your mobile phone or tablet.  Supported devices include Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad, Android Phone, Nokia (Symbian OS), and BlackBerry devices.  For a comprehensive look at all the features and capabilities available across the different phones and tablets, see Compare how different mobile devices work with Office 365.

With Exchange Online, you can use your mobile phone, tablet, or other supported device to access information in your mailbox including email messages, voice mail messages, calendar items, contacts, and task data.  For more information, see Set up and use Office 365 on your phone or tablet

With SharePoint Online, you can access SharePoint sites and SkyDrive Pro from an Internet-connected mobile phone or tablet.  You can view and update documents, lists, and other site content and collaborate with colleagues, all from your mobile device. Learn more at Use a mobile device to work with SharePoint Online sites

For Lync Online, the recently released Lync 2013 mobile clients now include voice over IP (VoIP) and video over IP capabilities, in addition to contacts, presence, and IM features.  Mobile users can choose to communicate with others through IM, voice calls, or video calls by using either Wi-Fi or their cellular data connection. With a single click of the meeting link in a calendar item, mobile users can join voice and video meetings.  For a comparison of features and capabilities of the Lync 2013 mobile clients across the various supported platforms, see Mobile Client Comparison Tables.

I created a short video which walks through the mobile device experience in the new Office 365.  This video specifically shows the Windows Phone 8 experience.

To get started, go to Set up and use Office 365 on your phone or tablet and follow the links to setup your specific device.  Enjoy!