New Ready-to-Go Campaign: Office 365 Beats Google



We are excited to announce the availability of a new Microsoft Ready-to-Go campaign called – Office 365 Beats Google – focused on competing and winning against Google. This campaign provides marketing and sales tools to support you in conversations with customers who are considering Google Apps for Business as an alternative to Office 365 or who’ve recently chosen Google Apps for Business and are dissatisfied with their solution.

The campaign is focused on the specific areas where Office 365 outperforms Google Apps for Business and does not cover each and every value prop of Office 365. You can continue to use the Office BEST for SMB and Office Small Business Premium campaigns for that level of information.

Materials included in this campaign:

Email Templates
4 customizable versions supporting two scenarios:

  • two emails supporting a customer in the Google Apps “consideration” phase
  • two emails supporting a “win-back” scenario 

Customer Leave-behind
A customizable one-page leave behind for you to hand out during 1-on-1 conversations or by email.

Partner Talking Points
A to-partner asset providing you with guidance on starting and leading a compete discussion with a customer.

An informational to-customer Infographic supporting the “1 billion Microsoft Office users” stat as it relates to overall number of internet and email users worldwide. This piece is intentionally unbranded and does not provide a customizable component for the partner – it’s designed to be informational and to stimulate conversation.

Customer-facing PowerPoint Slides
3 slides supporting the key messages from this campaign: 1) overview of the high level compete message, 2) a customer considering Google Apps vs. Office 365 and 3) a customer using Google Apps for Business but is not satisfied. Intentionally, the slides lack a major design element as they would very likely be pulled into a broader customer presentation on the value prop for Office 365.

Campaign Guide – this is a new asset type that we will continue to include in RTG campaigns, especially those created by US SMB&D.
This is a support document providing information on what’s included in the Google Compete campaign and guidance around how best to use the assets with your customers.

Happy Selling!

Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist