New Version of the Office 365 Cost Comparison Worksheet


Michael Kophs
Microsoft Cloud PTS

Back in February, I blogged about the Office 365 Cost Comparison Worksheet.  Well a lot has changed since then, so check out the new Cost Comparison Worksheet - v2 by clicking on the link below!

Looking to provide your customers/prospects with a detailed comparison between Microsoft’s Cloud services and an on-premises solution (or other hosted offering)?  Check out the following Office 365 Cost Comparison Worksheet.   Use this worksheet as a starting point for providing a detailed cost comparison for your customers over a five year span.  Office 365 and Windows Intune pricing is included in tab 1.   For your comparison, you can quickly build out on-premises estimates by using the built in VL Pricing estimator on the third tab.  The 2nd tab is for tracking monthly/annual costs of existing services or new services (outside of MS VL pricing).  Once you’ve filled out each of the three worksheets, check out the cost comparison chart on tab 1 and present it to your customer.  Customize the worksheet how you see fit.

CLICK HEREto download the latest version of the Cost Comparison Worksheet.  Also included is a sample worksheet.

Sample screenshot: