Office 365 Content to help you Sell!


We are pleased to announce the recent availability of more Office 365 key readiness messaging to help you take our value proposition to market. Take advantage of all of the resources listed below in your conversations and engagements with customers.

Office 365

Module 01: Office 365 Ignite (Beta)—What's New in Office 365?
Learn about what is new in Office 365. Deck and Recording Discussion topics; show the next wave of innovation for BPOS including Office Professional Plus, upgrades to 2010 server capabilities, the small business offer targeted at customers with fewer than 25 seats and Office 365 branding.

The First Six Office 365 Enterprise Demos
1 through 3 and 4 through 6

Office 365 Enterprise Customer Leave-Behind
Show the value and simplicity of Office 365 for enterprises. Highlight the set of web-enabled tools that you can use to access your email, documents, contacts, and calendars from virtually anywhere, on almost any device. Feel free to print and use this as a leave-behind—it’s a great reference and conversation builder.

Office 365 Top Reasons to Buy
Learn more about and be able to discuss the top reasons to buy Office 365.

Office 365 Data Sheet
Use this data sheet to help you position Office 365 as an easy-to-use set of productivity solutions that make it simple for businesses of all sizes to access email, documents, contacts, and calendars from nearly any location.

Office 365 Small Business—Customer Deck
Microsoft Office 365 for small businesses offers a simple set of web-enabled tools for small businesses, independent consultants, and professionals looking for business-class productivity services. Combining the tools people know and use today, Office 365 provides virtually anywhere access to email, important documents, contacts, and calendars on nearly any device. It’s free for the first 30 days, and after that it’s just $6 per user per month.

Office 365 for Education Demo Overview
Start with our customers and their stories. We have two basic types of Office 365, which correspond to two types of customer—K-12 and Higher Ed.

Office 365 for Education Demo: Higher Education and K–12
The Office365 demo for the education environment is designed to illustrate common student and educator scenarios. In order to effectively utilize this demo, you’ll need two individuals to participate—one to serve as the lead student and one as the second student. (See Appendix B for instructions on how to utilize demo with only one participant.)


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