Office 365 Starter Kit for SMB Partners - Now Available!

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!

There is a new resource to help guide and assist you in selling and deploying Office 365, it is called the Office 365 Starter Kit for SMB Partners. Aligning to the Reseller Bootcamp agenda, the Starter Kit provides an overview of the key things you need to know about Office 365 and where to find deeper resources on selling, technical training, transacting and deployment. This is a major update and expansion on the Office 365 Reseller Starter Kit, updated to cover all Office 365 partner models and new topics.

Also included is the Office 365 Policy and Activation Guide. This guide provides an overview of purchasing Office 365 through the Open Volume Licensing and FPP licensing programs, including business policies and service activation steps. Includes screenshot walkthroughs for starting a new product key subscription, adding a partner of record, adding new seats to an existing subscription and product key renewal.

Lastly, we have updated the Office 365 Open and Full Packaged Product (FPP) FAQ, to support the latest changes made to Open licensing, transitions and more. Please find an updated version linked under resources.



If you have any questions please leave an inquiry in the O365 Partner Yammer Network.

Resources via Microsoft Partner Marketing Center:

· O365 SMB Reseller Starter Kit
· O365 Policy and Activation Guide
· O365 Open & FPP FAQ – Updated!
· Office BEST campaign for SMB
· Bootcamp Readiness Materials

Good Selling!