Office 365 Tools Deep Dive Webinar


Michael Kophs
Cloud PTS

I was browsing the TS2 Blog and found insightful posts on three very important tools that should be part of every Office 365 partner’s tool arsenal:

Office Deployment Tool (ODT)

Directory Sync w/ Password Sync

Admin console Migration Tool (Cutover & Staged)

Interested in learning more?  This upcoming Thursday, 9/26 @ 10am Pacific, I’ll be presenting the following Cloud 1-2-3 session:  Tech Dive into the Office 365 Migration Tool, Directory Sync and the Office Deployment Tool.

I’ll not only dive deep into the technology behind these (in my opinion) under utilized tools, but I’ll also share with you some insight into usage scenarios and common questions.  I’ll be sure to cover:

Office Deployment Tool:

  • Three main options when using ODT:  Download, Configure and Package.    Which one do I use and why?
  • How do I install Office 365 Pro Plus (Click-to-Run Office) on my standard desktop image?
  • The configuration.xml file looks complicated.  How do I quickly create my deployment packages?

Directory Sync:

  • Does it really include Password Sync?  How does it work?
  • When should I use DirSync Password Sync, and when should I use AD FS?

Office 365 Migration Tool

  • There’s the Admin console migration tool, Hybrid Migration and third party migration tools.  Which one should I use?
  • I use the cutover/staged migration tool in the admin console, but I’m just not getting the performance I expect?
  • What exactly is migrated over when I do a cutover/staged migration?

Be sure check out Thursday’s session.  If you miss it, the recording will be available on the MS Learning site.