OneNote for Mac and iOS enhancements – access OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online notebooks


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Jeff Stoffel

To continue building on the success of Office for the iPad, several new features have been added this week to OneNote for Mac, OneNote for iPad, and OneNote for iPhone. These enhancements include the ability to:

  1. Access notebooks stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online with a Mac.
  2. Open and insert files, including PDF files, into notebook pages.
  3. View password protected sections.
  4. Improved organization, capturing content, and sharing of notes.

Office 365 is clearly the best solution regardless of the device - PC, Mac, phone, and tablets.

Access notebooks on OneDrive for Business and Office 365 clip_image002

OneNote for Mac users have been asking for the ability to access notebooks hosted on OneDrive for Business. With this update OneNote users are good to go! You can now open, sync, and create personal or shared project on OneDrive for Business.

 Insert and view file attachments

clip_image004New capabilities have been added to help your customers stay organized and keep all their notes and related documents together in a notebook. Now you can insert and view files, including PDF printouts, in your notebooks on Mac, iPad and iPhone. For example, a Mac user can drag and drop a PowerPoint deck or a Word document into notes, as an attachment, and then view it in the OS built-in, Quick Look, or in the app itself.

iPad or iPhone users also now have the option to insert pictures or documents received in Mail or other apps by selecting ‘Open in OneNote.’

 Unlock password protected sections

Now you can access password protected sections created on OneNote for Windows on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Simply navigate to the section and enter the password to access private notes. The notes can be easily re-locked, or after a few minutes will lock automatically.

Copy and paste enhancements

To enhance the experience of capturing content in to OneNote, additional copy and paste improvements this release for both iOS and Mac. Users can now copy formatted content from websites or other apps and paste in to your notes on any of your devices.

Email page enhancements clip_image005

In addition to the ability to send your notes as PDF attachments in OneNote for Mac, users can now choose to send notes in the message body.

I encourage you to watch the 15 minute video on Office for the iPad for a quick overview so that you can easily discuss this solution with your current and potential Office 365 customers.

Thanks for reading!