Power BI for Office 365 Training Resources

Todd Sweetser

Hi Cloud Sellers!

We have been receiving many questions about one of the newest additions to Office 365, the Power BI for Office 365 solution. What is it, how can it be used, what does it bring to the table? Most of all, how can a Microsoft Partner get up to speed on it and add it to their stable of solutions?

I have been gathering some resources that could help answer many of these questions. 

Main Power BI for Office 365 website – here you will find all the primary solution information as well as links to trial and purchase.

Business Demos of Power BI for Office 365 – gallery of online demonstrations of various capabilities of Power BI for Office 365 including Self Service BI with Excel as well as the power of being able to easily share a collaborate with others using the online functionality.

Power BI for Office 365 Service Description – the GO TO resource to know what the technical capabilities are for the service with links to further information from there!

Power BI for Office 365 on MPN – Information specifically for partners on how to learn, demo, download, promote and sell the Power BI offering. Speaking of Demo, Power BI for Office 365 is now part of the MEC Demo (version 5.6.) There are speaking points to it in the full Commercial Office 365 MEC Demo Facilitators Guide in the View Data in New Ways section.

Tap Your Data Goldmine campaign on the MPN Ready-to-Go marketing site – Excellent marketing resources around Power BI that you can use when discussing these solutions with customers including decks, discussion guides and more!

Power BI Team Blog – Tips, Ideas and Updates from the folks who know!

Finally, some learning resources:

Power BI for Office 365 – Overview and Learning - This page provides brief descriptions of self-service BI features for Excel, and for each feature of Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 (often referred to as Power BI). You’ll also find many links to additional technical content.

Power BI – Getting Started Guide – this is designed to walk through the collection of self-service business intelligence (BI) features included in Power BI, as well as BI-enabling features of Excel. Excel, with its collection of new features and add-ins described in this guide, provides a familiar environment to create and share compelling BI content; Excel is not part of Power BI for Office 365. You use Excel to create compelling content and reports, and you use Power BI for Office 365 to amplify those efforts with interactive sharing, collaboration, and data management.

Faster Insights to Data with Power BI Jump Start – deeper training from the Microsoft Virtual Academy. Has 8 modules that cover a wide spectrum of how Power BI can enable data to be consumed and utilized by more users than ever before.

Power BI for Office 365

Thanks, and good selling!