Showcase Azure Solutions with the Cloud Platform Immersion Sales Program

image Cloud Platform Immersion Sales Program


A lot of partners are familiar with using the Customer Immersion Experience (formerly MEC Demo) to showcase Office 365, but what about showcasing solutions on Azure and Microsoft’s Cloud Platform?  The Cloud Platform Immersion Sales Program is a great way for partners to showcase common Azure solutions and expand their practice beyond Office 365.  Check it out below!

What is Cloud Platform Immersion?

Immersion is a FREE Microsoft sales tool that enables field sellers and partners to showcase the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud Platform (Transform the Datacenter, Unlock Data Insights, Empower Enterprise Mobility and Application Innovation) through extensive live, hands-on lab experiences, at no cost to you or the customers. Guided by a facilitator, the attendees are educated on the business and technical value of the solutions that the cloud platform provides through the Envision, Evolve and Experience modules.

FREE - No Hardware - Remote Access - Supporting Content - Live Hands-On

Why Cloud Platform Immersion?

Immersion allows sellers to address the strategy and value of the Microsoft Cloud Platform across an organization at multiple points within the sales cycle. By presenting a consistent business and technical vision , backed by live hands-on access to the solutions, sellers can showcase the full business and technical value to all levels of an organization.

Sellers are able to present CPI to the customer (up to 30 attendees) at their location, at an MTC or any other location. Customers just need a laptop and Internet connection to access the Windows Server, SQL Server, Azure, O365, InTune and more.


Steps to becoming an Immersion Partner

1. Attend an Introduction to Immersion Webinar

2. Upon completion of the Intro webinar, request access to a self-paced training seat

3. Watch the training videos for the corresponding Immersion track on the Immersion Partner website (sign-in with MPN ID).

Michael Kophs
Partner Technology Strategist