Updated Azure Virtual Networking documentation

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Rob Waggoner


We updated our documentation on the VPN devices supported in Azure and I wanted to share the new link and some of the details.  The updated list of devices is here now, and I will try to update my documentation going forward.   As the article states, we have moved away from the “Static” and “Dynamic” routing terminology and moved to the “Policy-based” and “Route-based” terminology.  “Route-based” devices provide far more flexibility than the older “Policy-based” devices.  My suggestion is if you are looking to acquire new devices, please leverage the “Route-based” devices.  I put together a blog here, that talks about the differences between the devices.  If you honestly feel that a “Policy-based” or “Static” device is good enough, please read this blog one more time to be sure <grin>. 

I like this updated material, it provides access to more instructions and more configuration detail.  Of course, the bulk of the reference material is provided by the actual vendor.  I like that we have collaborated with the vendors to make sure we were providing the best information available.

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