Updated Business Model Transformation Training for Office 365

Over the past year, various members of the TS2 team have posted blog entries on a training series referred to as the Business Model Transformation (BMT) designed to help partners understand the challenges and changes required to incorporate a cloud services model into their existing business. This training series has undergone a thorough revision since the summer release of Office 365 and those materials are now available.

Cloud Business Model Transformation Jumpstart for Decision Makers of VAR and SI Partners

imageThis webcast series is available through the Partner Learning Center at the link above. Make sure that after you register and start the training that you notice that there are a total of seven webcasts in the series – the navigation is found on the left side of the landing page:

Partner Opportunity with Microsoft Cloud Services

Course Description: Over the past year or so Microsoft has conducted extensive primary and secondary research in addition to direct interviews with partners who have successful cloud practices. What we have learned is that between all of the successful partners there are some common behaviors or “Critical Predicators” of success. We have packaged these and are sharing them with our channel. The session provides context for the entire series by laying out the cloud opportunity for Microsoft Partners, and provides practical steps for partners to take advantage of the cloud in their practices. We are a partner led company with over 95% of our revenue coming through partner-led engagements. We are committed to moving to the cloud with our partners, join us on this journey.

Evolving Solution Integrators and VARs to the Cloud

Course Description: A structured framework for Solution Integrators (SIs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) to evolve their businesses into successful cloud practices in a profitable and sustainable way.

Understanding Cloud Deal Economics and Managed Services Opportunities

Course Description: Cloud economics is not not only about annuity revenue, it's also about value added services to the online services from the major vendors. What are these Managed Services, how are they priced, are they all about new IP? How do cloud deals actually pan out? Let's do the numbers.

Modeling Cloud Profitability

Course Description: Today most of the public cloud discussion focuses on the technology, and the customer benefits of the cloud. While both are important, partners are very interested in the underlying economics which tend to have a much stronger impact on the direction and speed of disruption to their businesses. This module digs deep into the financials and through a profitability modeler allows a partner to see how evolving their business to the cloud will add to and impact their on-prem business.

Refining Sales and Marketing for the Cloud

Course Description: How to effectively Market and Sell cloud services.

Managing Customer Churn in a Cloud Business

Course Description: Customer churn can have a tremendous negative impact on any business, and can be costly to manage. But in cloud business, churn takes on even greater importance. How do you manage customer churn when the cost to the customer to switch is so low? How can you keep a handle on churn, anticipate it, and respond proactively when it happens? How do you decide, as a business, which customer to try to win back at all costs? The answers may surprise you.

Partner Cloud Resources and Wrap Up

Course Description: In Part 1 of this session, learn about the wealth of resources to support your transition to the cloud. Part 2 is a wrap of the whole day. How does a leader take these best practices and land them in their organization? This is the Change Management challenge. Learn how you can make this happen for your organization.


* UPDATE * If you have the time and budget, there is a live workshop roadshow available: Live Business Model Transformation Workshop Roadshow


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