UPDATED Microsoft Online Services Document Portfolio


Tim Tetrick

In a blog post from January, I talked about the Microsoft Online Services Document Portfolio as a resource to assist with your Online Services selling efforts.  I’m happy to announce that we have an updated version of the PDF Portfolio now available with completely refreshed content to reflect the release of the New Office 365 a few weeks back.

To review, the Microsoft Online Services Document Portfolio is a collection of over 170 unique documents all related to the Microsoft Online Services business across Office 365, Windows Intune, and Dynamics CRM Online.  The types of documents included in the Portfolio are service descriptions, datasheets, whitepapers, product guides, deployment guides, tools, pricing/licensing guides, compete info, training guides, etc.

Here are some common ways that partners and customers are successfully utilizing this tool:

  1. Search!   Search for anything and quickly and easily find all references to any topic you’re looking for.  You can also choose to browse via a hierarchical directory structure of topics and categories if you prefer.
  2. As an information repository or deliverable during sales engagements.  Just about everything relating to Microsoft Online Services is here in this single document.  Feel free to share with coworkers or customers by forwarding them the link or copying via thumb drive.
  3. As a training tool or desktop companion.  Partners and customers new to Office 365, Intune, or CRM Online will like having all relevant info in one location.  It’s quick and easy to extrapolate documents from the Portfolio and then print or save them as individual files.

Anyone running the free Adobe Reader and Flash Player are able to view and utilize this Portfolio.  You can download right into your browser and/or save it locally.  The location of the Portfolio has moved and any old links will redirect you to the new location.  You can now find the Microsoft Online Services Document Portfolio at 


At that location you will find the Portfolio itself, together with a new companion video that walks through how to use the tool and some best practices.  The video can also be viewed below…

Happy selling!